Back in the grad school days, someone I had just met expressed disbelief that I, an impeccably dressed young woman who liberally peppered her speech with patois and spent most weekend nights as the cashier at Miami’s most popular West Indian party spots, was also at the time working on a PhD in English. To him, I didn’t look or sound the part; someone who spent Sunday nights at Mansion on South Beach could not also be an intellectual. To help alleviate his puzzlement, I reached into my purse, pulled out my glasses, put them on and asked, “better now?” “Huh,” he said. “Actually, yes.”

The glasses helped him put what he thought were dissonant elements into harmony. This blog is a little bit like those glasses.


I mostly wear contact lenses. Also, RockstarPhD is known professionally as Sheri-Marie Harrison and these days, I am an English Professor.

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