2019 by the Books : Not Work

I read 63 books in 2019.  29 for work 34 for not-work Of the not-work books: 28 audiobooks. 6 in print.  This list doesn’t include any of the theory or criticism I also read, because largely boring.  Before you dig into this list though, if you’re interested, there’s a whole preamble to this two partContinue reading “2019 by the Books : Not Work”

2019 by the Books: Work

I’ll spare you the apologetic preamble about resurrecting the blog after two years, as well as the promises to do better about providing content more frequently going forward. We all know how this goes. We’re here today because I’ve been making a long ass annotated list of all the books I read in 2019 andContinue reading “2019 by the Books: Work”

Sheri-Marie Harrison on Lorna Goodison’s “For My Mother (May I Inherit Half Her Strength)”

Originally posted on Mizzou Favorite Poems Project:
Professor Sheri-Marie Harrison ? My name is Sheri-Marie Harrison, I teach in the English Department, and I’ve been at MU since 2008. I’m a prose fiction scholar who admires many poems, but has genuine fondness for only Lorna Goodison’s poems. My favorite Goodison poem is “For My Mother…

Nope. The Academy is wrong (again). Selma is right.

So sure, it’s routine to balk at and be outraged by AMPAS’s nominations and eventual awardees. But the strategic snubbing of Selma in acting and directorial categories seems too pointed to not put the syllabus building aside to think about. There is much irony in the film getting two nods, for the Best Picture andContinue reading “Nope. The Academy is wrong (again). Selma is right.”

Nope. You didn’t have to be at our awesome panel at MLA to know what I said.

Today, I had the privilege of presenting this paper about Marlon James’ writing on a panel on Global Neoliberalisms with Ignacio Sanchez-Prado, Joeseph Jeon, and Sarah Brouillette at the MLA Convention. I want to talk generally about Marlon James’s two most recent novels, A Brief History of Seven Killings and The Book of Night Women,Continue reading “Nope. You didn’t have to be at our awesome panel at MLA to know what I said.”

Nope. Kim K’s naked everything is hardly the thing we should be examining. (NSFW)

Nope. I can’t believe I’ve written not one but two – TWO – Kardashian posts in the same week, or even at all. I pray to everything that is holy that I don’t ever get this perplexed by anything else these people do. Because I am keenly aware that this feeds the very profitable machineryContinue reading “Nope. Kim K’s naked everything is hardly the thing we should be examining. (NSFW)”

Nope. That is not how you make a funny with KKK.

What the fuck, Kardashians?! What, you got tired of being the first five headlines of every tabloid online and in print because of mundane things like your homes, babies, business, tv shows, divorces, marriages, lovers, ex-lovers? You wanted to mix it up? Those “more Americans have been married to Kim Kardashian than have died ofContinue reading “Nope. That is not how you make a funny with KKK.”

Nope. Non-white other isn’t quite right either, but it’ll do.

At the end of October, my partner and I went to get our marriage license. As with all governmental processes, The Man wanted us to tell him our race. When it was my turn, I turned to my partner to ask which box should I check this time. These things are always a real annoyanceContinue reading “Nope. Non-white other isn’t quite right either, but it’ll do.”

Nope. “Shake Señora” and “Watch Out Fi Dis” are not even in the same league.

I share a trainer twice a week with some really great people. The company makes up for many things that occur during each hour long session: the fact of having to work out, the sweating, the involuntary and unlady-like noises I start making about forty minutes in, and the truly bad music that gyms mustContinue reading “Nope. “Shake Señora” and “Watch Out Fi Dis” are not even in the same league.”

Nope. This Can’t Be All That There Is.

I’ve come to the realization that one of the most difficult things for a young female academic of color such as myself to do is to avoid identity politics. Put another way, among the difficult things for me, I have discovered, is to write, read, and teach things that are not about race, gender, orContinue reading “Nope. This Can’t Be All That There Is.”